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Welcome to Electric Green, your ultimate destination for sustainable mobility solutions and cutting-edge energy technologies. Established in 2020, Electric Green has swiftly emerged as a leading provider of electric vehicles, specializing in top-quality E-scooters and E-rickshaws that combine performance, style, and eco-friendliness.

Driven by our passion for environmental conservation and technological innovation, we aim to revolutionize the way we think about transportation and energy consumption. With a diverse range of electric two-wheelers and three-wheelers, we cater to the needs of urban commuters, businesses, and environmentally conscious individuals, offering efficient and reliable mobility solutions that contribute to a cleaner, greener tomorrow.

In addition to our electric vehicles, Electric Green Solutions offers a comprehensive array of energy storage solutions, including high-performance Li-ion Batteries, Li-ion Battery Inverters, and Solar Panels. These advanced energy technologies are designed to meet the growing demand for sustainable energy sources and enable individuals and businesses to harness the power of renewable energy for a more eco-friendly and cost-effective approach to power consumption.

Founded by Mahendra Sharma, an industry veteran with a deep-rooted passion for sustainable living, and co-founded by Mohit Sharma, a visionary with a strong commitment to technological advancements, Electric Green is built on the principles of environmental responsibility, innovation, and customer-centricity. Together, our team is dedicated to driving positive change and empowering individuals and communities to embrace a more sustainable and eco-conscious way of life.

Join us in our mission to pave the way for a greener, cleaner, and more sustainable future. Explore our range of products and solutions and be a part of the Electric Green movement today.


Electric Green, Your Sustainable Energy Partner

With a vision focused on sustainability, we strive to make renewable energy accessible to all. Our expert team ensures seamless installations and exceptional service, empowering homes and businesses to embrace a cleaner, brighter future.

Our commitment to a greener future drives every aspect of our business. From cutting-edge solar panels to advanced lithium-ion batteries, we craft products that harness renewable resources for efficient and reliable energy generation.

Join us in the journey toward a world powered by renewable energy. Together, let’s pave the way for a greener, more sustainable tomorrow. Welcome to Electric Green, where innovation meets environmental responsibility.


Eco-Mobility Redefined

Our E-Rickshaws are more than just vehicles; they represent a shift towards environmentally-friendly transportation. With zero emissions and efficient electric power, our rickshaws offer not only a smooth ride but also a conscious choice for a healthier planet.

At Electric Green, innovation meets reliability. Our E-Rickshaws are meticulously designed for durability and performance, ensuring a comfortable and eco-conscious travel solution for drivers and passengers alike.

Electric Green

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where innovation meets environmental responsibility.

Mahendra Sharma

Mahendra Sharma

Founder & CEO
Mohit Sharma

Mohit Sharma

Co-founder and COO

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Mohit and Mahendra’s combined expertise and unwavering dedication form the bedrock of Electric Green’s commitment to a cleaner, brighter future. Their collaborative leadership drives us to innovate and create lasting, impactful change in the realm of renewable energy.

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Electric Green has achieved significant milestones in reshaping the landscape of sustainable mobility and energy solutions.

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“Discover the future of mobility and energy with Electric Green. Together, let’s power up for a greener and more sustainable tomorrow.”



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