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Electric Scooters Under ₹50,000

Electric Scooters Under ₹50,000


In the quest for sustainable and eco-friendly transportation solutions, electric scooters have emerged as a popular choice for environmentally conscious commuters. With advancements in technology and a growing market, finding an electric scooter that suits your budget and contributes to a greener planet is easier than ever. In this blog post, we explore the Electric Scooters Under ₹50,000

Rise of Electric Scooters

The rise of electric scooters has been fueled by a collective desire to reduce carbon footprints and embrace cleaner modes of transportation. As cities grapple with traffic congestion and air pollution, the humble electric scooter offers a convenient, cost-effective, and green alternative.

Key Features to Look for

When considering Electric Scooters Under ₹50,000, it’s crucial to weigh various features to ensure that your investment aligns with your needs. Look for factors such as range, battery capacity, charging time, build quality, and additional features like smart connectivity and portability.

Top Electric Scooters Under ₹50,000

Electric Green’s Pluto Plus

  • Affordable and eco-friendly, the Pluto Plus is a standout option in the under ₹50,000 category.
  • With a sleek design and vibrant color options, it combines style with sustainability.
  • The scooter offers a respectable range of 70 km on a single charge, making it suitable for short to medium-distance commutes.
  • Its lightweight build ensures easy maneuverability, making it a practical choice for city dwellers.
  • The Pluto Plus comes equipped with regenerative braking technology, enhancing energy efficiency.
Electric plus Green

Ather Energy 450X

  • Ather Energy has gained prominence for its high-performance electric scooters.
  • The 450X boasts a top speed of 80 km/h and a range of around 85 km on a single charge.
  • Features like a touchscreen display and fast-charging capabilities make it an attractive option.
Ather Energy 450X

Ola Electric S1

  • Ola Electric, known for its ride-hailing services, has ventured into electric scooters.
  • The S1 offers a competitive range of around 121 km, making it suitable for daily commuting.
  • Its distinctive design and swappable battery add to its appeal.
Ola Electric S1

TVS iQube Electric

  • TVS has joined the electric revolution with the iQube Electric scooter.
  • With a top speed of 78 km/h and a range of approximately 75 km, it caters to urban commuters.
  • Connectivity features and a robust build make it a noteworthy option.
TVS iQube Electric

Hero Electric Optima HS500 ER

  • Hero Electric focuses on affordability and sustainability with the Optima HS500 ER.
  • The scooter offers a range of about 110 km on a single charge, making it ideal for daily use.
  • Hero Electric’s commitment to a greener future is reflected in this budget-friendly model.
Hero Electric Optima HS500 ER


As the demand for Electric Scooters Under ₹50,000 continues to rise, the market is flooded with options catering to various budgets. For those seeking an affordable yet reliable electric scooter under ₹50,000, Electric Green’s Pluto Plus deserves special consideration. By choosing eco-friendly transportation, you not only contribute to a sustainable future but also enjoy the benefits of cost-effective and convenient commuting. Embrace the green revolution on two wheels with the Pluto Plus and ride towards a cleaner, greener tomorrow.

Electric Green

Why Choose Electric Green’s Pluto Plus?

  • Affordability: Priced competitively, the Pluto Plus makes electric mobility accessible to a wider audience.
  • Environmental Impact: By opting for an electric scooter like the Pluto Plus, you actively contribute to reducing air pollution and lowering your carbon footprint.
  • Ease of Use: With a user-friendly design and features like regenerative braking, the Pluto Plus offers a hassle-free and enjoyable riding experience.
  • Charging Convenience: The scooter’s charging time is optimized for quick turnarounds, ensuring that you spend less time waiting and more time on the road.

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