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Top 10 leading E-Rickshaw Manufacturers in India

Top 10 leading E-Rickshaw Manufacturers in India

Top 10 E-Rickshaw manufacturers in India

India’s electric vehicle market is still in its infancy. Although it represents less than 1% of all car sales, it has the potential to increase to more than 5% in next years. There are thousands of electric cars and over 5 lac electric two wheelers on the Indian roads. The industry volumes have been erratic, primarily as a result of government incentives. Under the SMEV umbrella, a number of significant players (Hero Eco, Ather, Lohia, Ampere, Electric Green etc.!)

Low-Speed electric scooters (25km/h) that don’t need permits or registration make up more than 90% of all electric vehicles on Indian roads. In order to keep costs low, the majority of electric rely on lead batteries. However, aside from government subsidies, battery problems and short battery life have emerged as significant sales barriers. With varying degrees of success, several manufacturers have launched projects to install the charging station. Electric Three-Wheelers have been created by companies such as Lohia and Electrotherm. Hero and Ampere have joined the Electric Cycles sections. Many E-Rickshaws vendors are springing up all accrues the nation, offering a sizable Quantity of E-Rickshaws for last-mile connection.

If you want to buy and E-Rickshaw for your business or want to start a business of your own! You must be aware of different companies that offers the wide range of E-rickshaws in India. Here in this blog “Top 10 E-Rickshaw manufacturers in India” we have shortlisted the 10 best E-Rickshaw manufacturers in India :-

Electric Green:

Electric GReen

Driven by passion for environmental conservation and technological innovation, Electric Green aims to revolutionize the way we think about transportation and energy consumption. With a diverse range of electric two-wheelers and three-wheelers, Electric Green cater to the needs of urban commuters, businesses and environmentally conscious individuals, offering efficient and reliable mobility solutions that contribute to a cleaner and greener tomorrow. Visit us: https://electricplusgreen.com/

Mahindra Electric:

Mahindra Last Mile Mobility

From the Mahindra & Mahindra group, Mahindra Electric Mobility is a well-known brand that offers electric solutions. In 2010, Mahindra & Mahindra and Reva Electric Car Company partnered to create his manufacturer. Subsequently, Mahindra Electric Mobility replaced the original name of the company, the Mahindra Reva Electric Vehicles. The Business also offers mobility solutions and creates a wide range of electric vehicles (EVs) using drive train technology. Visit the website: https://mahindraelectricautomobile.com/xuv400

Atul Auto:

Atul Auto Limited

One of the newest and fastest growing E-Rickshaw producers in India is Atul Auto ltd. It was also included in the ranking of the top five three-wheeler brands worldwide. The Auto Rickshaw Company offers electric range of vehicles, such as auto rickshaws and cargo three –wheelers. The business started out in 1986. Currently, over a million Atul Automobiles are driven on roads worldwide. Similarly, Atul offers a wide range of electric cars, including auto rickshaws that run on batteries. There are numerous Atul E-Rickshaws available, including the Atul Elite plus Shakti Cargo, and Atul gem Cargo. Visit the website: https://atulauto.co.in/

Piaggio Vehicles:


Piaggio Vehicles Pvt. Ltd. Is one of the India’s prestigious E rickshaw maker. The organization was established by Rinaldo Piaggio and has offered its support beginning around 1884. The Introduction of Ape in 1999 marked the beginning of this best manufacturer of electric rickshaws in India. In addition, India’s intra-city transportation industry is dominated by Piaggio. Later the Organization made its presence felt in the electric vehicle portion by giving electric three wheelers and carts. What’s more, it likewise made a famous picture in this portion. Visit us: https://piaggio-cv.co.in/

Kinetic Green:

Kinetic  Green

Kinetic green is one of the main players in the intercity transportation section. This Electric E-Rickshaw maker established in 1972 by HK Firodia. Moreover, the organization is the equivalent word of advancement and greatness, reflected by its items. Today, Kinetic deals in various ranges like 3 wheelers, E-Bikes, Loaders etc. also the organization began its creation plant by assembling Luna Sulked. Additionally, it was the first native sulked that supported the “Man of the Match” grant in the Indian Cricket Series in 1975. Alongside this, Kinetic Green conveys Dynamic safar savvy and active DX. Visit us: https://kineticgreen.com/

Thukral Electric:

Thukral Electric Bikes

Thukral Electric is a Delhi-based producer what began in 2014. The Delhi based startup produces, product, exchanges, and furthermore supplies electric vehicles, including electric three wheelers and e-loaders. These vehicles are eco-accommodating and endorsed by iCAT, which benefactors acclaim. A tremendous product offering comprises of Thukral Electric DLX, Thukral Electric Stupendous Treated Steel and others. Visit us: https://thukralelectricbikes.com/



Udaan is a Delhi-based firm having a place with the Electric Vehicles consolidated in 2015. The organization makes and wholesales a large number of electric vehicles, including three wheelers and E loaders. What’s more, this top E-Loaders is associated with conveying profoundly honorable quality E-Rickshaw clients. Additionally, Udaan conves numerous productive E Rickshaws, including SN Electric Traveller E cart, Udaan E Cart and so forth. Visit us: https://www.udaanvehicles.com/



Saera Electric Auto Pvt. Is Mayuri, India’s largest manufacturer of electric rickshaws Ltd., a company in the Satra Group. The Organization has more than 40 years of heritage in the Indian Vehicle section. Additionally, thus best E cart organization in India is dealt with by Mr V.K. Kapoor, who is the “father of E cart”. Shri Nitin Gadkari sent off Mayuri’s most memorable item. Likewise, Hon’ble top state leader Shri Narendra Modi circulated in excess of 3,500 e-carts to individuals of Uttar Pradesh in 2015.The Organization has India’s Greatest assembling plant in Bhiwadi, Rajasthan, which produces north of 288 E-Rickshaws each day. Likewise, Mayuri offers Mayuri E-Rickshaws, Mayuri Choice. Visit us: https://www.saeraauto.com/

Mini Metro EV:

Mini Metro

One of the most well-known manufacturers of electric rickshaws in India is Mini Metro EV LLP. The organization was laid out in2014 and took part in assembling and retailing an enormous arrangement of electric vehicles. In addition, electric garbage vans, electric loader rickshaws, and electric passenger vehicles are included in this extensive selection of products. Likewise, it is an UP-based organization with an enormous assembling plant in Meerut, UP. Besides, the plant creates a top notch quality scope of vehicles per global principles. The Mini Metro M1 MS Battery Operated E Rickshaws, the Mini Metro Gold Rickshaw, and others are available from Mini Metro. All small scale metro are productive and astounding in working giving more noteworthy execution. Visit us: https://www.mini-metro.co.in/

City Life:

City Life

City Life is one of the most-blowing, E-Rickshaw organization in India from Dilli electric Auto Pvt. Ltd. It was founded in 2015, and ever since then, it has been providing electric rickshws, battery-powered loaders, and other items. Likewise, the organization has a decent arrive at in the Indian traveler vehicle market because of exceptionally subjective electric carts. Additionally, the item scope of city life comprises of city life school type XV850, city life butterfly fancy XV850, and so on .Visit us: https://citylifeev.com/

Choose Electric Green!

Electric Green

AboveAmong these pioneers, Electric Green emerges as a standout, driven by a passionate pursuit of environmental conservation and technological advancement. Their diverse range of electric two-wheelers and three-wheelers caters to urban commuters, businesses, and individuals dedicated to shaping a cleaner and greener future.

Become an Authorized Dealer/Distributor with Electric Green, Call us at 1800 890 6232 for more information.

Electric Green

Choosing Electric Green‘s E-Rickshaw means embracing a future where eco-conscious mobility meets reliability and innovation. With cutting-edge technology, these vehicles redefine urban commuting, offering efficiency, affordability, and a greener footprint. Each ride represents a commitment to environmental stewardship, promoting clean energy and reducing emissions. Opting for Electric Green isn’t just a choice; it’s a transformative step towards sustainable, smarter transportation, fostering a cleaner world for generations to come.

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